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IT'S HERE .....

OMG... we're working like loonies, pricing and getting it all out. so i thought to get you drooling I'd post a few sneaks. Here's what you can get your hands on at Sugar and Spice

Fancy a cupcake anyone ????  Let's get journalling and why not stick down some paper tape..... OMG PAPER TAPE... LOVE IT !!!!
Start building your recipe books with these gorgeous little recipe cards Twine, twine everywhere... this is just yum !!  More journalling pockets... LOVE these !!!
 Letters, letters, everywhere :)
Something for the little explorer in your life The addition to summer... seriously.... this is the BEST NEW COMPANY out there and it's at SUGAR AND SPICE.... toot toot !!!! This is just a little teaser, you need to come in and see the rest.  We're hoping to get it on the website on Tuesday :) Hugs Marion xx


Well, as I'm such a light weight I took today off after my marathon session on QVC yesterday. Thanks to everyone who tuned in and well done if you managed to get yourself a bargain :) :) big thanks for ALL the backstage help I had, also, mum, you're a superstar :) :)
Now.... Why am I excited ??? .... 'cause some of my orders from CHA are sitting snuggly in the shop ready to be priced and put out, we're gonna be like whirling dervishes on Saturday getting it all on the shelves. I'm extra excited as we've got a brand new company getting pride of place on our shelves :) :) I feel some stroking coming on.....
So if you're passing, pop in and take a peek !!!
Marion xx

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It's funny when your body knows "you've just got to get on with it" !!!
There's been a few amendments to the QVC shows on Thursday, my times are now, 3PM, 5PM, 6PM, 8PM & 9PM... gosh I'm tired from just typing it !!! seriously you must tune in, like, ALL DAY (well nearly all day) as its a clearance event and boy there are some real bargains to be had, and we all love a bargain.
I've been working like a loon since I got back from Chicago, prepping for all the shows, now, if I was a smoker, I wouldn't be able to prep AND smoke, but for some strange reason I CAN prep AND eat !!! It doesn't help that I bought back some Poppycock (no I'm not being rude) it's the most delicious popcorn you ever did eat !!! I think it keeps giving me sugar rushes and I just keep whizzing on LOL !!!
Here's a few more picci's from CHA...
 Melissa Frances knows how to get you feeling all warm and cosy !!
 Well, what can I say.... PRIMA !!!
Barb, this one…


Well it's the last day of the show....#sad sad sad face
to say we've had a laugh has been an understatement , it's been an absolute blast, and as I've felt a bit let down by shows in the past, I didn't give myself any preconceptions for this one ! But boy, they ALL pulled it off and I've got to say it's been one of the best for ages......
So what trends are we seeing ????
Well, canvas, I'm so pleased to say is big, along with naturals and LOTS of mixed media.... YAY !!! flowers are still MASSIVE and there's so many ways to make them, all the companies are in on them, especially the spiral ones, Including Spellbinders who have released a fabbi die for doing just that!!
There's some great vintage lines out there (and soon to be at Sugar and Spice) !!
The Smash line is really super (coming soon) !! And some great art journalling Prods!!
Dress forms are MASSIVE and birds/cages are still in there :)
We've got a few NEW companies joining us. #soexci…


Well .... That's the first day of the show over :( :(
Whilst it's quite a small show, there's some fabbi product out there and we've got it coming to YOU!!!
I'm really excited about bringing you the TRENDS series of magazines, well, I say magazines quite loosely, really they're books and in my opinion probably the BEST books the U.S has to offer... #excited !!!

We're going to have them at a great price and if you subscribe you're going to get an even BETTER price...oh I can't wait for these to arrive!!
Here's a few little snippets of show inspiration .... Just for you :)

MME go pinwheel crazy...

Maya Road shows their creativity on a life size dress form...

Jilli Bean Soup's booth.... So much yumminess...

A few simple cards from JBS ... Love it !!!

Zipper flowers... All the rage, I've taken a video of this being made, I'll try and upload it later, it's not playing ball at the mo :(

Oh come on ..... I couldn't NOT show some cupcakes …


Well I'm off tomorrow to Chicago, I would like to point out that it's in the 90's, I mean for goodness sake that is just soooooo HOT !!!!
With that in mind I will just HAVE to stay in the shopping malls where the air conditioning will be working it's hardest!!!
So, while I'm away, the girls are having a MASSIVE SALE for two days in the shop, yep, this Saturday (16th) & Sunday (17th) there's 25% off everything (just a few exceptions) so go grab yourselves some REAL bargains, even stock up for crimbo pressies !!
But it doesn't stop there as Amy Shaw's on QVC on Tuesday at 10.00am with a craft outlet .... Even more bargains. !!
So I hope you'll be thinking of me "trudging" around CHA picking out the best stash out there for YOU. I've got a rather large shopping list this year and I'm quietly excited at all the sneak peeks we've been getting. Toot toot !!!
I'll be reporting in from CHA with some snapshots...…


What a lovely surprise we've just had...

Along through the door came the gorgeous isobella carrying some very yummy cake pops made especially for us.

Needless to say they didn't last very long. Thank you Debbie :)
Sorry girls, but I just had to share
Marion xx

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AND......... RELAX !!!

Well that's me done for QVC ........until the 28th July, that is, in the meantime I'm getting ready to nip over the pond to Chicago for CHA. I'm secretly excited as some of the manufacturer sneak peeks have been rather yummy. Oh yeah, and there's always the Cheesecake Factory LOL !!!!
So what's happening while I'm working hard in America ??? Well the girls are having a SUPER DUPER SALE !!! Seriously, there's 25% off everything* so come along on Saturday 16th and/or Sunday 17th July between 10am and 5pm and grab yourselves some bargains !!!
*We have a few exceptions to the SALE and that is :-
You CANNOT use your loyalty card to pay for goods
You will NOT receive loyalty points on your purchases
Books, magazines and classes are NOT included in the sale
So have fun stocking up on stash
Marion xx


Ooooooo...... My new stamps are debuting on QVC on Monday night at 10pm (doing a happy dance) !!! In fact there's a few show's on on Monday so check out their SITE
 Here I've made three tags using the same stamp, but with different techniques, Nina came up with the fabbi idea of stamping the flower head on its side and turning it into a butterfly..... GENIUS NINA !!!
The first two have been resisted and the third one has been colour tinted with VersaMagic (LOVE IT)!! and then stamped again in the same ink.
This one is so so so SIMPLE, I used a Craftwork Cards Scalloped Card but didn't want the scalloped edges so I just trimmed them off.... but rather than throw away the scallop bits I inked it with the same Memento ink as the stamped design and used it as a border. Toot Toot !!! waste not want not !!!
At the top of the hour is a super duper TSV, and then you'll have me for the rest of the hour, and you'll have to stay till the end as I've got a fabbi dabbi te…