Sunday, 28 December 2008


Well I'm not shy of a hard days work but...BLIMEY yesterday was hard!!!! it was also hilarious, Ricky and Jamie were like Dick Emery and Son....."Here Dad I think I've done it wrong again" "You stupid boy"!!!
We had to take up all the laminate flooring just to turn it round the other way, so it doesn't even look any different, but I will be asking everyone to PLEASE say "Oooh what a lovely floor" just to make me feel better.
I am now rather good at laying floors so if anyone wants any floor laying done I'm available on a Monday!! I'll not be bringing Jamie though as his measuring skill are awful, we've got loads of offcuts if anyone wants them!!!
Back there again today, putting up more slat wall and moving the counter, ect. I'm looking at it all at the mo and thinking OMG why did I start this, but I won't say it loud as Ricky would shout back "I told you so" and we never want to let the men be right, do we!
Oh, by the way I've found sooooo much stuff that I didn't even realise I had, so if I didn't know I had it then I won't miss it!! There's been a few damages as well, so we'll be doing a ONCE LOVED and SLIGHTLY DAMAGED SALE. I'll let you know ASAP re the date on that.
Hope everyone had a great crimbo and I wish you all a very HAPPY NEW YEAR.
See you in January xx