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An inch and a half.... that's all we were allowed to use on our project for this months (just snuck in) design on the Fantastic Ribbons Blog.
Now,  I love ribbon and the more the merrier, but oh no, not this month !!! my initial thought was a ribbon tree, I made these some years ago and taught them in classes, much to the disgust of some of my students, you shall remain nameless Lyn !!!! LOL, but I spied Kirsty playing around with one, so instead went for the safe option of a card....I know YAWN, YAWN...but you never know it may inspire someone to keep all their little bits of ribbon :) :)
Hugs Marion xxx


I was asked while in the States recently, if I would do a couple of videos for Tear Mender Glue and the answer was, of course, a resounding YES !!! I love the stuff. Not only is it a fab fabric glue that should always be on hand at home but, it's an amazing glue for the craft industry, it makes fabric flowers in seconds and any excess on your fingers just rubs away - no trace !!! love it !!! So sit back and enjoy a couple of quick and easy tutorials.... and this one .....
Enjoy Hugs Marion xxx


The days to our Fabulous Sugar and Spice Customer Market Event...Are you coming ???
This is your chance to grab yourself some amazing bargains at unbelievable prices..
WHEN ???
Thursday 2nd August 4pm - 8pm
Saturday 4th August 10am - 4pm
The boxes are of goodies are piling up...
We've got everything, from stamps, to papers, to multi packs, to kits, to scrapbook albums, to flowers to punches...These girls have had a good clearout and it's all for you to fill your boots with at fabbi dabbi prices - here's just one that's caused a LOT of interest So put a note in your diary and MAKE A DATE !!!!
See you there
Hugs Marion xx


Well, in a few hours we'll be up in the air on route to London :( :) sort of happy/sad !!!
Why is it that even though we're panicking as our suitcases are full to the brim and rather heavy I might add, that we still whizz into the mall to pick up a few 'last minute bits'. Hope the Virgin ladies are in a happy mood :) :)
Anyhoo's, we had to make one last trip to the Cheesecake Factory, well it would be rude not to!!!
I had my favourite sandwich there, (chicken salad, but this is no ordinary chicken salad) They call it a sandwich but it fills you up like a three course meal !! To wash it down I had a rather yummy raspberry lemonade drink. I couldn't eat all my sandwich so I wasn't allowed a cheesecake, but Rick let me have a spoonful of his Red Velvet Cheesecake.. I probably couldn't eat all my sandwich as I pigged out beforehand on the gorgeous malt bread... Oh my it's delish.
So with bellies full we will make haste to the airport and pray for suns…


Well, CHA Summer is nearly over for another year.
I whizzed round yesterday making some yummy purchases, bumped into some lovely peeps, had a little chat and giggle, as you do !!!
And took lots of photos, so in no particular order, here goes ...
Marion xxx


Yesterday was all about the set up. Lots and lots of work and just when you think "we're never going to finish" it all comes together and you take step back and think WOW !!!
Tania done an amazing job on the US and UK flags, made entirely out of embossing powder tiles... Of course !!
Suzy's class was fab and everyone got to take home a heap of goodies.
It was a really long day and we didn't get to eat till 10pm. So no picci.. But trust me, it was a delicious sirloin steak with green beans and garlic mash.... Nom nom !!
Today I'm working in the booth doing make and takes, so Ricky is the official buyer for Sugar and Spice Crafts today :) :)
Hopefully i'll post some pics of the show tomorrow.
Marion xxx

NOM NOM .....

I'm really sorry to share this with you, but it's been 98 degrees today... Seriously, I know you want a bit of sunshine but that's just a tad too hot !!!
So this blog is all about food... Here you go Cynthia.. LOL
I'm sharing a Ruby Tuesday salad with you along with some mini sliders (they're only about 3" across) but very tasty. Rick had some rather yummy chicken breasts, 3 in fact, all flavoured differently.
Now look at the size of his ice cream, but he ate it all.
Now, if any of you have started or are starting to think about opening your own business, one thing you must consider is a name for it.... So how funny is this donut shop !! What were they thinking LOL !!
Right off for dinner soon... Yup more food.
Marion xxx


So my driving experience is going well, I'm still struggling with not using my left leg, my brain just does not compute. !!!
So then I changed to motorbikes LOL!! These pics were taken at the Harley Museum, it was like sitting in an armchair !!
But the next one took me right back to my teens, my mum and dad used to have a boat and driving Jerry and Sues's one really took me back, I got to 30mph, might not sound much but trust me on the water with a bit of chop, it's quite fast !!! Zoooooom
One more day before the class at CHA begins :) :)
I rather excited as I've had not one but two visits to Target.... Love that store, may need an extra case... Whoops already !!!
Marion xxxx


Today we went to Milwaukee. It's a really lovely city, quite small as far as cities go and very clean :) :) it was the weekend they were celebrating Bastille Day and a large area was closed off for a market and various entertainment. I stood and listened to this jazz singer, her voice was absolutely amazing, you know the type that gives you goose bumps !! Anyhoo's we trotted around the market and brought a few wares :) then had lunch .... I know it's the dairy State but oh boy the have soooooo much cheese on everything.
We then moved on to the Harley Davidson Museum and to be honest I'm not really into bikes, but WOW what a fab place it was really interesting, the earliest bike dated back to 1903, not quite like the ones they have today !!
Sorry to say to you guys, but the weather is rather gorgeous here, so we went and sat by the harbour and just relaxed having drinks and chatting the day away. Dinner was in a great little restaurant called Charlie 'O' s reall…


We started off the day with me going on my FIRST EVER drive in the States, I can't say I loved it, you see, I've never driven an automatic for a start and my poor left leg just kept wanting to do something, every time I put the brake on my left leg was looking for the clutch !!!! We stopped off at the lake and dipped our was like a bath!!!! Anyhoo's I'm not giving up the driving and I'm going to have another go today ... Watch out residents of Lake Geneva :) :)
We then went for a drive through the gorgeous State of Wisconsin, it's basically field after field after field of corn oh and lots of little and sometimes rather large red barns, the space these people have is quite astounding, and we thought we had a big garden at 100 ft... Pah !!!
Our destination was New Glarus a Swiss/Germanic town with its own brewery, but that's not before a whistle stop at a lovely rubber stamp shop in Janesville, it was called the Crackerbox Palace and what a littl…


Well here we are safe and sound in the beautiful State of Wisconsin, we're having a little vacation, as they say here in the States before we descend on CHA.
we flew into Chicago then followed Jerry upto his beautiful home in Lake Geneva, where we were greeted by his gorgeous wife Sue...these guys are just the best !!!
After a quick freshen up they took us down to their boat, where we drove across the lake to Gordy's restaurant... Now I know it's usually at this point that I share with you the picture of the sumptuous 1/2lb burger I had...BUT....Well basically I was so hungry I ate it, then remembered I hadnt taken a photo...whoops.
But I did get a few shots on and off the boat of Sue and the way the blurry brightness you see is called THE SUN !!!
When we arrived at Jerry and Sues we were greeted with a rather large box that had been sent over from the gorgeous Donna Valdez who lives in California, I opened it with excitement as I had no idea what was in there…


Loved this, so made one to match my dining room colours
Will be keeping you informed from CHA and no doubt posting foodie pics
Marion xxx