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Hi everyone,
Well I've finally got the energy up to actually write this, and let me say there's a lot of lushious goodies out there.
Right picture this...... I'm in bed Shimelles' on my left and bev's on my right, they're talking about the stands they saw yesterday and I'm trying to type this, and of course I have to keep stopping and joining in, of course!!!
I've started the ordering, there's some great punches on the way from Fiskars along with other yummies from them, I've seen the most amazing BUTTONS, did you know I like BUTTONS??? they're so shiney and smooth, mmmmm!!!!
There's some great papers, of course, MLS are just brilliant this year and the new Jilli Bean papers, well Nina and Polly you'll LOVE these.
We had dinner at the Cheesecake Factory last night with the girls from ScrapaGoGo, Lovely girls!!! although I did happen to fall asleep at the table a couple of times.
This trip has been enlightening I have learnt or rather been …