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Hi Everyone
Hope the snow's melting, gutted I missed it as I LOVE snow, but nina sent me a fabbi photo of the shop!!
Well there's no snow here in Vegas, just sunshine and LOTS of machines.... Fruit machines oh yeah and buffets LOL... Well it would be rude not to !!
It's quite empty here by Vegas standards, which means you can drive up the strip in 10 mins or so as opposed to 40 in the past !! Took a few shots whilst whizzing along, so they're not brill but it will give you a perspective of the place.
Saw The Cupcakery and just had to have a cupcake each. I thoroughly recommend the lemon one. Mmmmmm
can still taste it, maybe 'cause I've still got crumbs round my mouth LOL.
The Centerpiece at the Bellagio was impressive, as usual !!
Oh and check out the worlds largest chocolate fountain!!
For any men reading this, thought I'd throw in a BIG truck, well part of it anyway !!
Marion xxx