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Here's the photo of the GORGEOUS flowers I got from Amanda (I promised I'd get them on here so her mum could see them)

Thank you, again they're still going strong and still look beautiful.
Just had a phone call today to say that we've got another 48 GLIMMER MISTS coming tonight...HURRY UP MR POSTIE !!!
Oh Boy have we been BUSY little bees....we've just released the MAY WORKSHOP SCHEDULE you can check out the calender HERE or the CLASS listing HERE
The Bo-Bunny Alissa has also FINALLY's so strokable.....Mmmmm.

As I'm typing this the sun is shinning and it looks gorgeous out there....hope you get to enjoy it before it goes back in


I received the most beautiful bouquet of flowers yesterday from a very dear friend, they came at a very good time as I feel like POOP today. I did take a photo, but forgot my camera lead so can't upload it. DOH!!! Big HUGS and THANKS AMANDA. xxx

The Twiddleybitz Team are giving away some new stash check it out HERE, get your mojo flowing and win, win, win!!!

I've nearly finished designing my NEW CARD CLASS, I'll be releasing the dates very soon, I just need to get rid of this POOPY feeling!!


As usual, I do everything by the skin of my teeth....(where does that saying come from? I don't know about you but my teeth don't have skin)!!! Answers on a postcard please......
I quickly made a couple of mother's day cards and used the wonderful BANANA FROG STAMPS and the compulsory scalloped punches (I can't stop using them)!!!

Stamp out your word, I used the DearJoe IV Upper Case, then place it in your punch keeping the punch upsidedown, this way you can center it exactly.

Layer up your card front with plain and patterned cardstock, place ribbon in the center.

I also added the sentiment Happy Day using Simple Greetings, these have got to be my all time favourite as they are so versatile.
To finish off, when ink is dry go over the word with a quickie glue pen and glamour dust, adding little glamour dots to the scallops.
A really quick card to make, if you don't want a word in the centre a lovely BIG flower with a bit of bling in the middle would also look great.


We've got a New Arrival at SUGAR AND SPICE ....

It's our latest set of CLEAR STAMPS Called IN A WORD, they are just perfect for CARDMAKING, in fact, I'm designing a NEW CLASS with them NOW!!!, I know, it'll be my first class in gawd knows how long!!!, so be gentle on me ladies. Here's a little sneaky peek of one of the cards...shhhh!!!

We've also received a NEW batch of GLIMMER MISTS and oh boy, the colours are GORGEOUS - sorry Nicky!!!
As well as re-stocks of all the other SUGAR AND SPICE|CLEAR STAMPS. Yes that means the Wedding Set is back in and With Love and Laughter and Happy, Happy, Happy Birthday Ect...
Anyway must get off home and have some dinner - but before I go I will leave you with this quote I heard today - I'm not allowed to say who said it, sorry!!! But suffice it to say I cracked up "Honest to God, I'm a heathen"!!!


Ok Girls, here's a little something for you to get your teeth into this week:-
Here's one of the yummy things you can do with TWIDDLEYBITZ, that we've just had re-stocks of:-

Here's a nice simple card to get you going
All you need is the TWIDDLEY TREE, Acrylic Paint, Card Blank, Glossy Accents, Glamour Dust (or any other fine glitter) Stamp Sentiment, Round Punches, 1 x Plain Cardstock 1 x Patterned Paper and Ribbon
Cover the card blank one half in patterned paper and the other in plain cardstock, go over the "join" with ribbon and tie a little knot accent, stamp a circular sentiment on plain cardstock, punch out using a circle punch, then punch a scalloped circle slightly larger than the stamped circle.
Now comes the fun part, paint the Twiddley Tree in acrylic, let dry, then cover with glossy accents, while the glossy accents is still wet sprinkle on the Glamour Dust, attached to the card front and place your sentiment in your desired position. Ta Da!!!


....Spring has SPRUNG and it's planted LOTS of flowers

We've got PINK ones, BROWN ones, GREEN ones, YELLOW ones, ORANGE ones, BLUE ones, PURPLE ones, RED fact we could sing a RAINBOW!!!

This week has flown by so fast, then again I think we've had deliveries every day, so that's kept us on our toes, Nina and Polly have been brilliant at doing the "impossi-puzzles" of placng all the new yummies in their new homes, after buying one each of everything for themselves - aw come on you can't blame a girl for having a little weakness!!!
Yay!!! at last the Twiddleybitz are back in stock, this time the GATES and the BIRD - oh the bird!!! are here - don't worry Alison yours have been put aside for you, they're SAFE.

It's all here just in time really - as we're doing Ally Pally in April so for those of you that visit us there twice a year you'll be able to get your hands on it then. We're in a slightly different position this time (as I …


....and no it's not through eating too many yummy cakes.....By the way THANKS MOMMA MUFF!!!
We've had even MORE deliveries this week... AMERICAN CRAFTS has finally arrived, papers, stickers and embellies.

Oh boy these are as tasty as the CUPCAKES!!! and NO CALORIES!!!
We've also got out the BUTTONS... small, medium and large.

And the PINS are just to die for....

And then....just when we thought we were on top of it all the FANCY PANTS arrived!!!
We've nearly SOLD OUT of all the GLIMMER MISTS, so we've put MORE on order. Don't worry it'll be here SOON.
The TWIDDLEYBITZ order got LOST (top service) but we've put it in again and so that's on it's way as well.
Don't forget if you've got your 10% voucher it's valid till this Saturday. USE IT!!!


As promised, here's the piccy of our lovely UPS guy making our 21 box delivery.

Oh, he so deserved a cup of tea after dropping of that many boxes and so he got one!!
All our new yummies have gone down so well, we've had over 100 new paper lines, some great new books, the Tim Holtz ones are just Brill, the embellies are great, the buttons are just so round and shiney!! the bling is so sparkly and the NEW FISKARS PUNCHES are flying out, no surprise as they are blimmin' gorgeous.
On Sunday we had our usual monthly BINGO CROP and MICHELLE (a newbie) joined us, and what did she bring with her....only home baked CUPCAKES!!!! Thank you Michelle!!!

Talking of cakes, Helen celebrated her BIRTHDAY with us on Sunday.....So what did we do??? we got her a GIANT FRENCH FANCY of course!!!

Want to say a GREAT BIG THANK YOU to Fabbi and Adrienne, whom without their help on Saturday we wouldn't have got any of the new stock out, Nina and myself thought we could manage, but we were so busy in…


Went the back door....Polly let out a little squeal, jumped up, ran to it, opened it and there was a delivery guy with ONE, yes just ONE parcel, she came back in looking all sad and sulky... But it wasn't long before the REAL delivery came ALL 21 boxes, now I know that sounds a lot but 10 of those were Albums (some rather scrummy new ones, as well) so now we've got about 72 squillion albums for sale!!! the other 11 contained.......PAPERS, BUTTONS, RUB-ONS, FLOWERS, MORE BUTTONS, MORE PAPERS, CHIPBOARD, STICKERS, RIBBONS, BLING, STAMPS and PUNCHES oh and the list goes on.
I did get a couple of snaps of him delivering and then left my camera at the shop, DOH!!!
If you've signed up to our e mail newsletter, check your inbox as there's a special treat for you!!!!


Oh my, we've been waiting for these.....YES POLLY THERE HERE!!!! The Tattered Angels Glimmer Mists have winged their way to us and we're soooooo HAPPY.

Now I know they're not NEW, but we've been umming and arring about these for a while now, we checked out the others on the market and came to a unanimous decision that these were the BEST!!! and boy we're not wrong and you lucky ladies on the SCRAP YOUR YEAR COURSE are going to get to use them, YAY!!!
Nina put the finishing touches to her RE-USE/RE-CYCLE layout class today and gorgeous it is too.

We've put another date out as the first one got filled up rather quickly, check it out HERE and just scroll down the page to the 28th March.
Now, I'll be sending a personal invite out tomorrow to all our newsletter subscribers, to invite you next THURSDAY NIGHT to get your hands on all the NEW yummies from the USA, that SHOULD be arriving Friday, now I hear you saying "if it's coming in on Friday, why do we ha…


One of our lovely customers "popped" in today and showed us some cards she had recently made and we thought they were so nice we took a piccy of them and "popped" them on here......lovely aren't they!!! and......she's used the SUGAR AND SPICE CLEAR STAMPS on them.....So a great big THANK YOU to JAYNE JOHNSON for letting us share your gorgeous creations, oh, I forgot to say she done them all out of using up her scraps...we're proud of you!!!