Monday, 19 July 2010


Seriously, that's what happened this weekend.
When a friend of mine knew we were going to Chicago she immediately got onto a friend of hers who lives in Chicago and said we were coming out and that was that! They took us into their arms and gave us the BEST weekend EVER.
They took us to their home at lake geneva in Wisconsin and all I can say there is WOW!!!! what a place. We shared their weekend exactly as they do. On the Saturday they took us to a restaurant on the lake via their boat ( very swish AND fast it was too ) and then we cruised around the east side of the lake. Bear in mind their lakes aren't like ours, you could walk all the way round it if you fancy a 26 mile hike!!! I'll take the boat thanks !! We then gatecrashed on some friends of theirs, they were all so friendly!!
Next day we went into lake geneva town, the shops are all little boutiques very nice and very expensive!! The we went bake to the lake front armed with snacks and drinks and after a dip in the lake took the boat out again this time cruising the west side, it's hard to explain the size of the houses on the lakefront, suffice it to say they were MASSIVE and I mean MASSIVE. After a bit of relaxing on the lakefront ( as if the boat wasn't relaxing enough ) !! We then went back to the house to prepare dinner ( fresh corn picked that morning, marinated chicken, key lime pie) you get the picture!! For us and their friends and, well as they would say we had a blast !!! Then jerry bought us back to Chicago this morning (sheds a tear) BUT .... this guy manufactures his own product and has given me some to play with, woo hoo, I'll share it with you when I get back.
Anyway onwards and upwards, we're off to lake Michigan for a bit of sunshine now. Catch you later.
Marion xx

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