Sunday, 17 November 2013


If you've been following this blog for the past 5 days then you'll know I'm now in Vegas.
And what an amazing time we're having, although this is our 8th trip here, you could say we love this place LOL !!! This trip has been a little different as it was all a surprise from my lovely hubby. To top it off we got to go see Rod Stewart live at Caesars Palace , courtesy of my two amazing boys, thank you soooooo much Jamie and Luke.
The following photos are pure PANTS.... Whilst the iPhone 5s takes great close up's, it is so NOT designed for distance apologies for the rubbish pics...

His daughter Ruby came on and sung solo. She was FAB...

Then she did a number with thing I have to say is......he really is an entertainer and he keeps it real, later in the show two of his boys came on stage, they're only 7 and 2 and so cute :) :)
Rick was really getting in to it :) :)

If I'd have known I'd have bought my big boy camera with me, but hey ho, the memories are there in my head forever :)
Only a couple more days left, so I have to make the most of this sunshine, as I hear it's not to brill back home !!
And to finish off..... One little foodie pic, after all, it's not a blog from America without a foodie pic or two...
This one's a couple of mini sugared doughnuts.....Nom Nom !!!!

Marion xxxx
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