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I'll start with "LOVE" the FEBRUARY KIT is now on the site, click the link and you'll be taken right there, Oh boy, it's really LOVEly (get it, a little play on words there)!!! It's really jam packed with gorgeous lovelyness. Here's a peek

Now how many SUITCASES doed a girl need??? I'm trying to pack for CHA and whilst I haven't packed many clothes, no it's not a naturist kinda show, Gosh that would be awful!!!! I do need room to bring back some YUMMIES. Well just a few anyway.....
Our lovely TUESDAY NIGHT LADIES will understand this.... Bev your muffs are simply the best and we THANK YOU from our big fat bellies....keep baking Mama Muff !!!
And last but not least I'd like to introduce you to this gorgeous little bundle of joy...

Welcome to our world Amelia and CONGRATS Claire and Nick oh and lets not forget Nana Tina and Auntie Carly.
I'll be keeping you posted with the goings on at CHA, I already have two "dates" the first is at…