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Showing posts from June 4, 2010
We were visited yesterday by the lovely Kirsty Wiseman, this girl is wonderful, so talented and so NICE, you know the kind I mean...just a genuinely NICE person, if you haven't already, you must check out her BLOG HERE ...... And she has a yummy little shop on line where you can get some of her gorgeous creations from, check it out HERE We've been busy creating here and I've just put some new CLASSES up on the website, I'll be sending a newsletter, soon, very soon ;) Here's a little peek to tempt you For those of you that have been tapping your fingers impatiently, we've FINALLY managed to get the PRIMA BLUE LEATHER ALBUMS in, YAY, I hear you cry !!! But HURRY, they won't be here for long. Barbara (our lovely newbie) has just designed her first class...WOO's a gorgeous little gift box with matching cards and envelopes. Very yummy.... I'm going to keep you in suspense a little longer and release the date SOON. Hope you're all sitting in you…