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Me again.... we'll it was the last day today, there were still bits I didn't get to see, sorry Fabby I didn't get time to see the BRAD MAKING MACHINE, don't worry I've just slapped my hand.....
It's been a brilliant show, we've got some really EXCITING stash on it's way, some things we'll have to wait a little longer for......aaawwww...... I know me too !!!
Now what did we get today???? let me see... first there's LITTLE YELLOW BICYCLE, CREATIVE ACRYLICS, APPLE PIE (SOMETHING) i can't remember the full name, SORRY but I'm tired... Some rather gorgeous buttons, great new ALBUMS, the cutest new BRADS & EYELETS (hey NINA, strawberrys, cherries and watermelon ones) and wait for it .......... CUPCAKES, yes cupcake brads they are just yummy.
There was lots of HALLOWEEN AND CHRISTMAS obviously.
So here's a few designs and displays

We've got some fantastic little acrylic pieces coming. Check out this little design, it's so cute..