Saturday, 30 July 2011

IT'S HERE .....

OMG... we're working like loonies, pricing and getting it all out. so i thought to get you drooling I'd post a few sneaks. Here's what you can get your hands on at Sugar and Spice

Fancy a cupcake anyone ????
 Let's get journalling and why not stick down some paper tape..... OMG PAPER TAPE... LOVE IT !!!!
Start building your recipe books with these gorgeous little recipe cards
Twine, twine everywhere... this is just yum !!
 More journalling pockets... LOVE these !!!
 Letters, letters, everywhere :)
Something for the little explorer in your life
The addition to summer... seriously.... this is the BEST NEW COMPANY out there and it's at SUGAR AND SPICE.... toot toot !!!!
This is just a little teaser, you need to come in and see the rest. 
We're hoping to get it on the website on Tuesday :)
Marion xx

1 comment:

Nicki said...

Oh No!!! you know what that means then???? im gonna have to come and get me some more yummies!
that twine.... its mine!!!!
see ya soon