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Here's a quick L/O using the Clever Handmade Papers. Always have and always will love Heidi Grace's work. The woman is FAB. The pic's not the best, (sorry Kirsty) :) To get the "ruffle" along the bottom, come and grab some of our gorgeous seam binding and simply pull the centre thread and there you have it.....Ruffles !!!! Now... For all of you QVC fans, here's the deets of all the up coming shows, so get your diaries out and make a note !!!
Fri 29 June - 13.00 Crafting with Kirks Folly
Tues 03 July - TSV day with 5 hours at 0000, 0100, 1200, 1600 and 2000

Thursday 5 July - Early Brid Xmas Crafting - 2 hours at 1700

Wed 11 July - 2 hours 10.00 - Craft Outlet and 1600 - Crafting with Stephanie Weightman

Tuesday 17 July - Crafting with Stephanie Weightman 

Friday 27 July - 4 Craft Clearance hours at 0900, 1300, 1500 and 2000

Monday 30th July Sizzix ft. Quilting - 1400
I'll be on there on Thursday 5th July with Christmas Goodies :) :) 
Anyhoo's better get on wit…


Here's a card I made at Josie Levy's Stamping Up party.... It was her first ever party.... She's the new Stamping Up girl on the block. Good luck hunni
Marion xxx