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Showing posts from December 29, 2007


Yeah..... I found my blog, gosh I'm so stupid to have lost it in the first place.... but hey ho, that just about sums me up!!!

Anyway, here I am and I can't quite believe it's nearly 2008, so what's been happening in the last 6 months??? Well I've been to Vegas twice, once for business and once for our friends wedding, which was lovely, i've got to say, it was a rather short 7 minutes, but really adorable!! and she looked absolutely gorgeous!!!! My favourite sight there was a drive through wedding chapel that had on the side "say i do and drive on through" Ricky wanted to know if you got fries and a shake at the end ?

Had a little flutter and a few little wins and on the last night won $345.00 on craps. just when i thought I'd had enough of Vegas (4 times in two years) I now need to go back and play some more craps.

Tyson survived the rat poison ordeal and he's just getting bigger and bigger, in fact a guy asked me in the park the other day if he…