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One more day of QVC (tomorrow 13th at 2pm) then it's all systems go for teaching for WOW at Stitches...Birmingham here we come....I know it doesn't have the same sound as California but hey ho it's still a LOT of fun :) :)

I'll be back on Q on Wednesday 27th at 2pm, so hope to see you the meantime we're just waiting on the NEW Smash to arrive....excited !!!!! Along with some new arrivals from CHA !!!! Our shelves are crying out for new stash and so are we :) :)

Pan Pastels ...what's going on there ???? You can't get enough of them and neither can we, we get them in, they go out, we get them in, they go see the pattern forming here LOL !!!

Well, I have one more bit of prep to do for Q ...then I can relax for an hour at least

Marion xxx

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