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Or TWO... actually !!
I'm back on QVC on Wednesday at 3pm and 6pm with some rather scrumptious goodies, even if I say so myself.
Above are a few sneeks of whats going to be on your screens...
It's been a bit of a crazy week and I'm sorry I haven't been in the shop as much, I promise I've not been skiving, (probably spelt that wrong) !!! I've been working REALLY HARD.... Honest !!! and it's all in the name of craft.
We're just designing more classes for you, so keep an eye out for the newsletter.
Anyhoo's this is just a quickie, so hope you can tune in :)
Marion xx


Just wanted to share a few sneaky pics of what's coming up on QVC on Tuesday at 2 - 4 pm.
It's a two hour show all about Christmas, and this has been brilliant for me, as those that know me, know I'm the one in the shop on the 23rd December, frantically knocking up Christmas cards for the neighbours and family. I'm always soooo behind, well..... I'm not now LOL !!!

It seems gift cards are so popular now, probably because everyone has everything!!! So I'm going to show you how to make a great little gift card holder.

Everybody needs a Christmas tree at Christmas, and this Tuesday you can get some gorgeous stash to make one or two or three...

Here's a sneak of a quick and simple layout from the same stash.

Oh the joys of stamping !!!

All I'm going to say about this one is Mmmmmmm, YUMMY !!!

And last but not least, Christmas stash isn't just for Christmas .....

So I hope you can join me between 2 & 4 pm on Tuesday, then all your mojo will be flowing, whiz…


Yes, I'm still going ahead with it..... I'm really looking forward to it, should be fun.
I've been having a little play with it today and realised that I'd forgotten a couple of things to tell you.
You can check out the post below to get the majority of the details, but i forgot to say that once you've registered, just go to the search bar, near the top, and type in sugarandspicecrafts and then you'll be on my channel.
Also, if you wanted to join in the card making with me I've done a list of materials, again in the post below, but I forgot to say that you'll also
Need a piece of plain card stock, I've chose mine to match my card blank.
Just to explain Ustream in brief, it's a bit like me doing a You Tube video, but it's LIVE !!! AND..... If you sign in you can chat to me via typing
You're message/comment, I get to read them and answer live, be aware that anyone else in the "chat room " can read your message !!!

QVC.... Since Dawn…

I Stream, USTREAM....

Join me and we'll ALL stream !!!!
Don't know what I'm going on about ????
Well, basically, at around 8pm on Monday night I'm going to be doing a LIVE card making tutorial on Ustream.
So if you want to join in/watch all you have to do is log on to, sign up, all they want is a username and password, and you can watch me live, doing a card making tutorial (as long as I get my camera) LOL !!! and join in the chat !!
You can also craft along with me, I'm going to do a real simple card, all you'll need to play along with me is :
square card blank
Patterned card stock (small pattern)
ZVA self adhesive pearls leaves or flourish, or similar
Contrasting patterned card stock
Complimentary ribbon, I'm using 1" organza
Decorative edge punch
This is going to be my first, so you may have to bear with me, while I sus it out.
I watched Kirsty wiseman the other night and it was BRILL, well she certainly was anyway !!!
I'm back on QVC on Tuesday 24th May at 6p…

AND NOW FOR.......

Some Piccis ....
Here's just a few pics of some of the samples I done for the QVC airing yesterday.

Some Picci's ....

I need to do another You Tube, but for the life of me I can't think of what to show you, so any suggestions would be gratefully appreciated - THANK YOU.
We've just received stock of the NEW Craftwork Cards Monthly Collection - this one's called Fruit Scoop and it's so colourful and lovely take a looks.

Also, Craft Stamper mag is HERE ... Ta Da !!