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HAPPY NEW YEAR !!! (Better late than never)!!

Needless to say "where has the time gone" I think I'm always saying that. Well what's been happening in my life ????

My dog Tyson is getting BIGGER by the day, he's so strong now, but just adorable.....

Jamie, had his first, and I'd like to say last, little crash in his car the other week, he's OK and so is the lady he hit, she wasn't indicating to turn right at a mini roundabout and he went straight over and bumped into her en-route. She told him not to worry as this was her 5th accident !!!!

I've been really busy designing my own rubber stamps for the shop and they're just coming out now, I'm quietly excited and secretly scared. i want to thank jackie from for making two gorgeous cards from my first set. Well done jackie they are lovely.

If anyone knows how I put links to other bloggers out there please let me know as I haven't a clue.

Sandra from Pandoras' told me she'd tagged me today, she did expla…