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After an 8.5 hour flight, which I've got to say "flew" by ( pardon the pun) !!! We landed in Chicago, greeted by over 90 degree heat. After a quick trip to Walmart (always a must) we stopped off at Potbelly's - no we'd never heard of it either !! But it done THE MOST delicious salads.... So salad it was. Kerry you'd be proud of me!!

Now I can't promise it's going to stay this way after all I need lots of energy to walk round CHA !! at least it was a good start!

Hope the weathers being kind to you all there.

I understand the delivery from the states hasn't arrived..... Don't worry I have it all in hand this end. There was a rather large problem with customs, probably cause I ordered too much lol !!! But thanks to technology I'm sorting it out even though I'm thousands of miles away. So cool

Marion xxx

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