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FOOD !!!!!! Obviously, I think the physiology is setting in, as I'm going on a diet when I get back, so I think I'm harvesting as much food as I can LOL !!!

So yesterday we went on a road trip

You can't possibly spend ALL day AND night in the casinos, well you could if you had an abundance of $$$$$ but we don't, so we didn't :) :) we went on the search for some moustache Washi tape for Nina, but sadly we couldn't find any :( :( sorry Nina !!
So, you know that feeling when you're on a mission and it's just not working out, what do you do ? You go to the Bellagio for a buffet.

Ricky's just about to tuck into a plate of crab legs, personally, I think they're yucky, smelly and messy, but hey, they're obviously VERY popular......

Now this is more my thing :) :) :) I would like to point out they were all mini, I didn't eat 5 full size desserts, honest LOL !!
Hope you're all keeping warm
Marion xxx
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