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Seriously, it's 6 months away.
Every year I panic around the 23rd December, and it's not like it just creeps up on us with a surprise date, it's the SAME date every year!!!
So I'm pleased to announce that this year "we" can get organised well in advance, you see, on Tuesday 28th June, myself and the lovely Wendie Rhodes are on QVC at, 2pm, 3pm, 4pm, and 10pm, with..... yep you guessed it...... Christmas Stash, and some rather yummy christmas stash at that !!!
I haven't just made cards to show you, this time I'm showing great little gift ideas, so if you're one of those super women that organise school craft fairs or the likes of, then you'll want to see these shows and get lots of inspiration, I would like to point out that I hold no responsibility for anything that may fall into your shopping basket, by accident, of course !!!
We are holding a FREE DEMO DAY on Sunday 26th June 10am - 4pm, myself and Chilli Barb, will be "…


Where's the time gone !!!
This is crazy, seriously can someone stop it for me please :) :)
So what have we been upto... well.... we've got LOTS of classes for you, you can see themHERE. We've also got a demo day coming up on Sunday 26th June at 10am, come and be inspired and yes, it's absolutely FREE, of course.
Here's a few sneaks of some of the classes coming up

June the 28th is Early Bird Christmas Crafting on QVC at 2pm, 3pm, 4pm & 10pm. and yes I'm on ALL 4 shows (along with the lovely Wendie), I haven't told them yet that I go to bed at 10pm most nights, so don't know how I'm going to cope with that one LOL !!! Matchsticks greatly appreciated !!
There's lots of yumminess and I'm doing samples to show you how you can make great little gifts, as well as giving you inspiration for Christmas craft fairs. So I hope you can join us, we'll have your mojo flowing in no time !!!
I'm really gutted as I wanted to share some pics with y…


Just go on over to our Facebook page (just click the link on the right) to place your vote
The more you let us know what you want, the more we get for you....simples !!!!

FUN, FUN, FUN ......

Last week I felt very privileged to be asked to hold a craft masterclass with a couple of competition winners at QVC. So I got my finger out and designed 5 cards, made up their kits and drove up very early Tuesday Morning, to meet the ladies. Olivia came ALL the way from Northern Ireland and Angela, came all the way from Yorkshire, originally from New Jersey

We had the loveliest of mornings, probably chatted far too much, but then hey ho, why not !!! Got treated to a lovely lunch and then had a studio tour, then the lucky ladies got treated to a yummy goodie bag !! Thanks girls you really were good fun. Xx
As I was on air the next day I stayed up there and spent a night in the Pestana hotel, courtesy of QVC, thanks guys. It states it's in the top 100 hotels in the world !! And very nice it was too.
Wednesday saw me and Wendie Rhodes together again, I was only on for two hours Wendie, bless her, was on for the TSV, and that's, well, loads of hours !!! She done marvellous, as usu…