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Showing posts from July 16, 2012

NOM NOM .....

I'm really sorry to share this with you, but it's been 98 degrees today... Seriously, I know you want a bit of sunshine but that's just a tad too hot !!!
So this blog is all about food... Here you go Cynthia.. LOL
I'm sharing a Ruby Tuesday salad with you along with some mini sliders (they're only about 3" across) but very tasty. Rick had some rather yummy chicken breasts, 3 in fact, all flavoured differently.
Now look at the size of his ice cream, but he ate it all.
Now, if any of you have started or are starting to think about opening your own business, one thing you must consider is a name for it.... So how funny is this donut shop !! What were they thinking LOL !!
Right off for dinner soon... Yup more food.
Marion xxx