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Showing posts from April 30, 2011

AND........We're back !!!!!

Well, that's been a bit of a journey....
We're now the proud owners of the most gorgeous website (well in our eyes anyway) LOL !!!
We hope you like it !!!
It certainly has been a labour of love and we realise that we've probably made LOADS of mistakes, so, if you spot any or have ANY feedback on the site we'd be really grateful to hear your comments.
We still loading like crazy so bear with us :) :)
You can check it out HERE
And in other news.......
We've managed to get a few classes on the site and more on the way, check them out HERE
I'm back on QVC at 9am on 9th May, this time there's 4 sets of my stamps, toot toot !!! You can see 3 of the sets HERE the other one's a secret LOL !!! I must say they are an absolute bargain on here, even with the postage, as these stamps retail Nationwide for £5.99 each, not bad eh !!!
I'd love to show you some of the stuff I'm working on for QVC, but I can't !!!! SORRY !!!
I really need to get my finger out now, as …