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Hi All
Well I'm back in the land of the living, just about anyway!!
I've been going over the yummies that I just HAD to buy for you.
We've got Jilli Bean Soup and Bella Blvd on their way, they are two great new companies for us, both completely different and both absolutely gorgeous. Scrap Within Reach had two new lines, so they are on their way, it's lovely to see such a small independant company growing. Some great new books, and BUTTONS Oh my!! we've got some yummy buttons on their way, and bling ribbon slides and ribbons and papers and.... oh jet lags kicking back in, you'll have to be as surprised as me when it all arrives at the end of Feb.
Perfect timing really, as we have our 20% off SALE on the weekend of 21st and 22nd Feb, so let's make room for all the new lovelies.
BIG THANKS to the girls for keeping the shop running tickety boo while i was gone and Mum, a great BIG HUG & KISS, you're a star!!!!