Sunday, 16 November 2008


Hi all
Well we made it, after a rather noisy (screaming kids) and smelly (pooey kids) flight we got here and WOW how lovely is this house

We've stayed in a few houses in Florida and this is by far the best, it's absolutely amazing and soooo large I WANT ONE !!!!! We got a tip off by Amanda (the lucky girl who's mum and dad own this) to grab the downstairs bedroom, there's 5 in total, and well, the bed is soooooo big I haven't seen Ricky at night for three nights now!!! The whole place is stunningly furnished the kitchen is ginormous and there's absolutely everything that you could need. I also want a top loader washing machine and a much bigger kitchen with central island, that's not tooooo much to ask, is it? I would certainly recommend this house, it's also really conveniently located for all the attractions just contact amanda on and treat yourself.
We went to Universal Islands of Adventure on Friday and I got coerced into going on the Incredible Hulk ride. Now I should have remembered what it was like last time, and it hasn't changed, it's still blimming SCARY!!!!, I must have been a lemming in a past life!
The sun was glorious the temp was 84 degrees so we went on the water rides and there are warnings that you'll get wet and we were like yay that don't matter it'll probably just be a little bit, well after the first ride "Dudley Doo-Right's RipSaw Falls" WE WERE SOAKED!!! completely, drowned rats probably looked better than us as they don't wear mascara!!! So then we went on the Popeye one (can't remember the name) and this completely removed any traces that were left of our mascara, I must stress the boys were not wearing any!! So off we get soaked to the skin (by the way I won the Miss Wet T Shirt contest!!) and the SUN WENT in, hey ho that's Florida for you. Off shopping today, more adventures in a couple of days.