Monday, 23 November 2009

Christmas notes......

Well I have seen the Coke advert and heard several song which have jingle bells in, so it must be that time of year - CHRISTMAS!
Now for all those people who know me will know that when the tough gets going, the tough goes on a list in a note book! I couldn't live without one. So I had to make this............

Now making your own note book might seem a bit long winded especially as you can go and buy one but this way you can be in control of how big it is, how many pages you put in it and the most importantly, what it looks like! The Bind it all is perfect for making note books but if you don't have one then book rings or ribbons would do the job just as well and I felt the stitching gave it a homely rustic feel.

The good ole Sugar and Spice Alphabet stamps come up trumps again for giving a neat and tidy look when stamping on my tabs and who could resist scribble word but with a Christmas touch? Fabby!!

So now I have shared it with you I can get writing my lists, my wish lists that is ;)
Love n bugs