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There's no denying it, my life is mega busy at the mo, I only get one day off a week...c'mon let's hear it...arhhhhhh :) :) 

Since getting this one day off, I've been spending it catching up with friends and just, well, enjoying myself :) :)  This Monday was no exception, to celebrate the lovely Suzanne's birthday we took a trip to London, had a bit of pampering and shopping in the wonderful Jo Malone's I thoroughly recommend it !!! 
We had a lovely lunch at the Royal Exchange and then walked, yes walked, we really needed to burn lunch off, to the Tower of London.........and WOW what a sight. The Sea of Poppies (don't know if that's it's correct title, but that what I've called it) was a STUNNING sight to see.. Not the best pic here, but if you look closely you can see it coming out of the wall above !! Here they meander around the Tower And this is the other side and they've mapped out further round ready for more !!!
I've been up to London a f…