Sunday, 17 June 2012


Thats the theme for this months Blog over at Fantastic Ribbons....So when I heard that was our task, I knew exactly what I wanted to show you, you see, I'm a bit of a fanatic for making my own flowers, and these are the quickest, easiest flowers you'll ever make.....So grab yourself some yummy Fantastic Ribbon, I've used the Gingham Col 64, it's THE most gorgeous olive green, in fact I should get my hand smacked as I used it last month as well....You could say I'm addicted to it !!!
I started of by punching out 3 card stock circles (1") and apply your favourite fabric glue, mine is Tear Mender, I've never come across anything that works so quickly and uses such a small amount so a little goes a long way :) :) then tie a knot in the end of your ribbon and snip off the sticky out bit...
Then place the knot end in the centre of your circle and start twisting the ribbon as you turn and stick it down..
Keep twisting and sticking till you get to the end and then snip off a bit extra and tuck that at the back of the circle, holding in place with adhesive.
Do this to all three, I then added a yummy pearl to each one, and taking some of your scrap bits (the whole reason why you should never throw bits away) attach to your card, add sentiment and proudly place your twisted ribbon flowers on.
Kirsty would probably kill me for the state of this shot, but the fact that the sun is ACTUALLY shining and caused a shadow made me feel that I wanted to show it :) :) That and the fact that I took it with my iPhone ... shame on me ;)
Marion xxx