Monday, 14 June 2010


I can't believe it's been over a year that we started the SUGAR AND SPICE DESIGN TEAM !!! where did that go.?????
I've decided this year to go it alone !!! There's lots in the pipeline and I'm sure it's not the last you're going to see from these great girls, it's been a great journey for some of them as well (I hope) as some of them didn't even have blogs !!! and they now have followers of their own - super cool !!!
You even showed me how to do things with my stamps that I hadn't even thought of :)
So I'm sure you'll join me in saying THANKS for all your INSPO girls...we love you !!!

Some of you may know (or may not, as the case may be) ooo, lots of "mays" there !!! that I have been doing video tutorials for Sugar and Spice and also for Personal Impressions, it's such a great way of showing off their products, and I get to play, play, play, how cool is that ! don't worry it's not all sweetness and light there's blood, SWEAT and tears also, for those sadists among you LOL !!!
At the mo, I'm hooked on the Nesties Labels One this is the third one showing you another way of using them and within the next couple of weeks I've got a really GOOD one, that'll make you think "Now why didn't I think of that" !!
Here we go:-
Marion xxx