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OK so off we toddle to the airport, it's an uneventful journey I'm pleased to say, meet Amanda and Rosina and pop over to check-in, the girls had already done their check in, that goes without a hitch and I say my long farewells to Ricky....NO I didn't cry, although I think I saw a tear in his eye!!! LOL.
As we go through customs I beep (well not me exactly, but the machine) so I gets taken aside and she feels every inch of my body and after realising that those bumps and lumps are actually part of me she lets me go, then another person shouts out who does this bag belong to, well obviously it's mine, so that gets a strip search and that's fine and then my shoes are checked, I mean if you're gonna do it, do it properly. We're THROUGH ...... we go check into the Virgin Clubhouse and get served a bacon buttie, fresh orange and pot of tea, my choice, Rosina had smoked salmon!!

I've got to say this was one of the MOST relaxing places to be. Anyhoo's time …