Saturday, 25 February 2012


Oh my !!! you are being positively spoiled.... We have ANOTHER GIVEAWAY...YAY...I hear you scream :) :) Yes, you may do a happy dance :) :)
This time it's the wonderful WOW Embossing powders, now you know that I rate these among the BEST IN THE WORLD, and if you didn't know that... I RATE THESE AMONG THE BEST IN THE WORLD !!!
As usual, it's not hard to enter all you have to do is leave a comment and tell me what's the weirdest thing you've ever embossed, don't worry if you haven't embossed anything weird, just leave a comment anyway !! Please do NOT run to the zoo and emboss a penguin, as, whilst that would be weird it would also be very cruel :) :)
Shipments are on their way from CHA, so don't forget we have our MAHOOSIVE PAPER SALE on Saturday 3rd and Sunday 4th March, ALL 12' x 12" loose paper/card is in it...init !!!
Anyhoo's I'm feeling on top of the world as I've just tidied my craft room, only to mess it all up again, but it is a good feeling !!!
Marion xx

Wednesday, 22 February 2012


What a fab few days !!!
I've just come back from the Birmingham Trade Show ( A little different to California LOL!!!)
I was working with the wonderful people from WOW Embossing Powders, now you know how much I LUURRVE these powders, and I got to teach with them all weekend...... Toot Toot !!!!
They really know how to look after you, they kept us fed and watered and fed us a bit more and then a bit more LOL!!! so that was me sorted !!! I met some wonderful people from their Design Team, especially Rachel. Hi Rachel (waves hand)
I won't deny it's very hard work, especially for an old bird like me, but it's also a lot of fun.
Now to get organised in the shop and prepared for Amy's weekend of workshops, there's only a few places left on the Saturday now, so if you want one give us a call :) :)
Still got a bit of prepping for the Wedding show on the 12th March, so with that in mind I better get my finger out :)
Marion xx


Julie Kearney !!!!!!! (Insert loud applause) !!!
Congratulations Julie, you've won some gorgeous buttons...YAY !!!
If you could send me your address, then we'll get them whizzing out the door to you
Happy days
Marion xx

Wednesday, 15 February 2012


Well..... how chuffed was I to be asked to join the brand new FANTASTIC RIBBONS Design Team....well let me tell you I was very chuffed LOL !!!
Those of you that know me well, know that two of my passions are Ribbons and Buttons (you only have to enter my shop to see that), so when I opened my box of gorgeous ribbon lushness I was sooooo excited to see buttons as well as all the yummy ribbons - buttons, you can ink them, stamp on them, glitter them, emboss them, just about do anything to them - love it!!!
For my first project I was asked to make a hair accessory, I went straight into panic mode as I don't have any girls, therefore I have no Alice Bands etc, unless my boys hide them in their drawers !! BUT... I did find a Kirby Grip - I think it's one of the girlfriends ... Shhhh !!
So I decided to make a scrummy big lush flower from the wired ribbon (another reason to love wired ribbon)  and what's better than wearing a big lush flower in your hair, receiving it on a card first !!! Right !!!
So thats exactly what I did, I used the wired that was pulled to act as a thread and "sewed" the flower to the Kirby Grip then attached the Grip to the bow on the card.
 Not teaching you to suck eggs here, but for those of you that may not know - pull one wire completely out, then on the other side fold one end over a little bit so that when you start pulling the wire from the other end it doesn't pull out - and pull, gathering as you go.
 When it's all pulled up just turn it in on itself, then I kept the wire attached and "sewed" the Kirby Grip on with it....No you are not drunk, it's just a terrible shot !!
Then having made the card, I just attached the flower with the Kirby Grip onto the ribbon bow (in fact if you look really closely you can see it poking out the top) hee hee !!
So there you go a card and gift all in one !!
NOW - back to buttons - who would like to WIN some yummy scrummy buttons ? you would ?, of course you would, so what have you got to do ? It's simple, just leave a comment on this blog and one name will be picked at random, now, don't think "awww is that it" NO, just go onto the FANTASTIC RIBBONS BLOG, check out all the other design team members blogs, leave a comment with them and then you multiply your chances of winning, couldn't be simpler !!!

Seriously .... how could you resist !!!! In any case you need to go look at all their creations they are amazing (don't know how I got on here actually) LOL !!
Marion xx

Tuesday, 14 February 2012

I'M BACK.....

.....And, I've got so much to tell... But first off, the Wedding Show on QVC tomorrow (15th Feb) has been cancelled until 12th March, but don't worry there's an outlet show in it's place, so go grab yourself a bargain !!
I was away for three weeks and at the time it didn't go quickly but now I'm back it seems like it flew by... why is that?? !!
While I was away nina arranged a whole weekend of crafting with Amy Shaw (of QVC) you can choose either Saturday 3rd March or Sunday 4th March, each day will have different projects and you get a jumbo stamp from Woodware :) :) you will make 12 cards in total (each day) and the days will be full of technique, hints and tips, each day costs just £45.00 for the whole day, places are filling up so get in quick, you can call and book on 01268 530933
No sooner am I home and then I'm off again to teach for WOW Embossing Powders in Birmingham this weekend (bit different to California, but hey ho !!!) So any of you retailers that read this newsletter, stop by and take our mini class... you'll love it!!!
CHA.... well it was full of beautiful stash as usual. Quite a lot of it will be arriving around March/April and Oh Boy there's some pure yumminess on it's way !!! But I'm afraid you'll just have to wait and see.... hee hee !!!
As I always do, I ordered a heap load of gorge papers so that can only mean one thing..... Yes.... a PAPER SALE.... so when is it ??? why the same date as Amy's class, the 3rd and 4th March, as we have quite a few people travelling a distance we thought it would be nice to share the savings with some out of towners !!!
So put it in your diary
Sorry no loyalty points or other discounts apply
and while you're here you may as well do one of Amy's classes
I hear the sale was fab (while I was away) and just wanted to thank you for all your support. We really appreciate it :) :) 
We've got a fabulous new concept coming to Sugar and Spice, just for you our lovely customers, which we will reveal very soon, we just need to iron out a few creases, dot some i's and cross some t's so hang in there.
Nina and Barb have got some great classes on the website for you, so go check them out, and if you can't see what you want, just tell us and we'll see what we can do !! Take a LOOKSIE
As soon as I'm back from teaching I'll be working on some new classes, so watch out for those.
It's getting really exciting at QVC, as they're moving to fabbi new headquarters (it looks great) the only downside (for me anyway) is it's going to be in full HD... So that can only mean one thing... I'll have to have a shave !!!!!! Seriously, it shows up EVERYTHING !!
Right must go and get organised oh yeah and have a shave !!!
Hope I didn't bore you all with lots of photo's, especially the foodie ones or did I just make you drool.. LOL !!!
Marion xxx

Tuesday, 7 February 2012


Hi Everyone
Hope the snow's melting, gutted I missed it as I LOVE snow, but nina sent me a fabbi photo of the shop!!
Well there's no snow here in Vegas, just sunshine and LOTS of machines.... Fruit machines oh yeah and buffets LOL... Well it would be rude not to !!
It's quite empty here by Vegas standards, which means you can drive up the strip in 10 mins or so as opposed to 40 in the past !! Took a few shots whilst whizzing along, so they're not brill but it will give you a perspective of the place.
Saw The Cupcakery and just had to have a cupcake each. I thoroughly recommend the lemon one. Mmmmmm
can still taste it, maybe 'cause I've still got crumbs round my mouth LOL.
The Centerpiece at the Bellagio was impressive, as usual !!
Oh and check out the worlds largest chocolate fountain!!
For any men reading this, thought I'd throw in a BIG truck, well part of it anyway !!
Marion xxx

Saturday, 4 February 2012


And.... Well you never know.
Sorry the posts have been a bit light on the ground of late, but that's mainly due to me being a complete tighty... You'd think in this day and age of technology wifi would be available without a cost..... But NO... The Marriott wants to charge $15.00 a DAY. Seriously, that's gambling money LOL
We're off to downtown Disney today for our last day in anaheim and then it's off to Vegas. Whoop whoop !!!
Had a lovely relaxing day yesterday at a local park, seriously check out the bad hair day on the ducks!!!
Check out the mahoosive strawberry waffle with just a little cream, bear in mind it was on a 9" plate !!
There's another picci here of the girls in the WOW booth. They were having a miserable time as you can see
Then last night saw us meet up with an absolutely fab girl by the name of Donna Valdez, I met her on Facebook and a friendship formed from there, we spent 5 hours at the cheesecake factory with her discussing everything from political correctness to funny sounding words, it was an absolutely wonderful night, thank you Donna !!!
I'm doing Kirsty's photo course when I get back, so I'll see what she makes of my shots, I'm quite proud especially the ducks and bird of paradise plant
Marion xxx

Wednesday, 1 February 2012


So today saw the end of the CHA WINTER show, and I've got to say it was so much fun !!!
I've been coming to these shows in the states for around 6 or 7 years now in the hope of finding amazing new companies (and I think I may have just done that.... Shhhhh) and over the years I've made some amazing friends so it means the show becomes one big reunion... It's so lovely :) :)
We have another 4 days in sunny California (sorry i heard the weather isn't so great there) and then we head off to Vegas.. Woo hoo !!!
Not sure when I'm next going to get Internet access so I'm going to leave you with some inspirational pieces that made me go oooohh !!!