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Showing posts from January 30, 2009


Well it's nearly the beginning of the month and that means FREE STASH for one lucky BLOG FOLLOWER - so look out for your name, alternatively you can SUBSCRIBE to the posts so you'll know when it's been posted.
It was my first day back in the shop today and a lovely day I had too, THANK YOU....including tea and chocolate biccies...Mmmm.
I've been trying to go through with the girls all the newbie stuff coming in, and already I've forgot, how bad is that!!! But it makes it so much more exciting when it all comes in. I know there's Papers, flowers, albums, buttons, more buttons and more papers, oh and lots of bling, really nice bling, no seriously I mean REALLY NICE bling.
We're off to Stitches in a couple of weeks to buy more stash, shhh.... don't tell Ricky !!!
Whenever I manage to get home in time I have to watch Come Dine With Me on Channel 4, it's a MUST SEE even if only to listen to the narrator he is HILARIOUS
Anyway off to have my creme egg and cup …