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There's so many new things about to take place at SUGAR AND SPICE....Here's just one.
Sixteen years ago today I gave birth to my last little baby, so feeling broodie, but not wanting to have to change nappies and get woken up at stupid O'clock in the morning, I'm having a baby of different sorts - this time it's THE SUGAR AND SPICE DESIGN TEAM, hopefully there'll be multiple births. It's always nerve racking to release something like this as in the back of your mind your always thinking "Say no-one enters".
For those of you who do want to enter, just scroll down and you can find all the details you need, if anyone has any questions or submissions please send them to us at
I haven't forgotten that it's the first of the month (how could I) ???? and YES a WINNER of the BLOG FOLLOWER kind has been picked and this month it's............mhairihastings, Yay !!! CONGRATS !! Just e mail me your address and some …