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.....only tears.....BOO HOO, we're coming home, BUT the GOOD NEWS is our flight is delayed 3 hours so we've got 3 more hours of sunshine to soak up before we get back to wet and dreary ENGLAND. THANKS SOOOOO MUCH AMANDA, the fact that our flight is delayed and we haven't had to vacate (oh that sounds so American) the house at 11 am has been a god send.
We've had THE MOST FUN and some fantastic FOOD and some rather nice CHEESECAKES as well.
Jamie and Nicky left a day before us and I can only assume that they are home safe and sound as, I suppose, with most 18 year olds they forget to let you know!!! Don't worry Jay I'm only your mother!!!!
We managed to pack in the parks all last week, good really as the schools were off this week and they became really busy, got quite a bit of shopping done and have relaxed for the last few days, so now I feel really chilled out.
See you all soon in CHILLY ENGLAND. Love to all xx