Monday, 11 January 2016


OK, it's official, I have become the WORST blogger. I just don't know where time goes and all the other Social Media platforms (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Periscope, I'm on them all) are so much quicker and easier to link and post to...Blogger you need to do a 'quick link' just for me... Mwahahahahahahah!!!
Anyhoo's, I'm finally here now, but where am I??? I'm in California at the fabulous CHA 2016. I'm here with WOW Embossing Powder 'playing' on their booth and oh boy are we having fun :) :)

CHA never fails to prove to me how giving, sharing and caring this industry is and it started on the first day with the gorgeous Barbara Gray, there I was struggling with a rather large box that I could just see over the top, when she stopped me, and insisted she carry it for me, I mean...HERO or what!!
She makes it look so easy. !! Thank you Barbara 😘😘😘 
I also got a little giddy at the fact that our neighbour is the one and only, gorgeous, talented, 
Sparkly, creative Heidi Swapp.
Another highlight was (and yes this is about the important stuff... Food)!!! That I got taken out to Mortons, probably THE BEST steakhouse I've EVER been to. I'm still drooling !!!
The other great thing is I get to catch up with some of my Stateside friends.

AND we get to visit Fire and Ice...a fabbi modern Mongolian style restaurant.
It's all in the cooking !!

Here's a couple of my little creations that says 'thanks' and 'I adore' 
you guys for sticking with me. Even though I'm rubbish at blogging !!!
And seeing as we're next door to Disneyland let's finish this post with a few of their 
fireworks, as they do nightly at 9.30pm ...

But before I go, I'll apologise if there's any spelling mistakes as I'm typing this without my glasses and I'm hitting the screen and hoping for the best !!
Marion xxxx