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Showing posts from May 13, 2011

I Stream, USTREAM....

Join me and we'll ALL stream !!!!
Don't know what I'm going on about ????
Well, basically, at around 8pm on Monday night I'm going to be doing a LIVE card making tutorial on Ustream.
So if you want to join in/watch all you have to do is log on to, sign up, all they want is a username and password, and you can watch me live, doing a card making tutorial (as long as I get my camera) LOL !!! and join in the chat !!
You can also craft along with me, I'm going to do a real simple card, all you'll need to play along with me is :
square card blank
Patterned card stock (small pattern)
ZVA self adhesive pearls leaves or flourish, or similar
Contrasting patterned card stock
Complimentary ribbon, I'm using 1" organza
Decorative edge punch
This is going to be my first, so you may have to bear with me, while I sus it out.
I watched Kirsty wiseman the other night and it was BRILL, well she certainly was anyway !!!
I'm back on QVC on Tuesday 24th May at 6p…