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Showing posts from January 25, 2011

Mmmmm....Yummy stuff

There I was just about to leave, when a delivery arrived and well..... I just had to open it, even though I'm the one who does all the ordering, I sometimes forget just what I've ordered....
So I quickly opened the rather large box and got all excited as I HAD FORGOTTEN what I'd ordered...LOL !!!

Here's a quick little peek, but I would have thought they would be priced and put out by the end of the day.
Now I should really be packing for California, but here I am eating giant chocolate buttons and blogging...hey ho it's all about priorities !!!
I'll be thinking of you all while I'm stroking yummy papers and catching a few rays.
I'm taking my super duper iPad and ever ready camera, so I'll keep you updated with all the yumminess.
Love and hugs
Marion xx

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