Sunday, 29 January 2012


Must come to an end !!!
Well, we spent our last day here at San Diego (sheds tears) it has been the most amazing week, this city is beautiful, everyone is so happy and nice, possibly because they live in such a gorgeous place.:) :)
We went to downtown and just caught the last of a Chinese festival ( even though I'm loading these photos in order, I know they're not necessarily coming out in order... Don't like this new blogger app)
We then went down to the front where there were some rather impressive ships, one of them being the Medway or Midway, I can't remember the name #fail !!! Anyhoo's it's a rather impressive US Navy aircraft carrier.
Whilst Ricky isn't a Navy Seal or anything like that, I really do have the best husband in the world, he drove me around San Diego taking me to scrapbook shops, Target, Michaels etc and not once complaining, so to say thank you I treated him to getting his teeth done !!
We then went on to see the sun go down at La Jolla, this place is rather spechhhh !!
And I couldn't leave without getting one last shot of this gorgeous little seal just playing in the ocean.
Our next stop is CHA. So the next lot of photos will be all about craft and maybe a bit of food.
I was able to speak to my wonderful mum this morning via FaceTime...... Technology... You gotta love it !!!!
Well apart from Blogger and the photo sort LOL !!
Marion xxx