Monday, 25 July 2011


It's funny when your body knows "you've just got to get on with it" !!!
There's been a few amendments to the QVC shows on Thursday, my times are now, 3PM, 5PM, 6PM, 8PM & 9PM... gosh I'm tired from just typing it !!! seriously you must tune in, like, ALL DAY (well nearly all day) as its a clearance event and boy there are some real bargains to be had, and we all love a bargain.
I've been working like a loon since I got back from Chicago, prepping for all the shows, now, if I was a smoker, I wouldn't be able to prep AND smoke, but for some strange reason I CAN prep AND eat !!! It doesn't help that I bought back some Poppycock (no I'm not being rude) it's the most delicious popcorn you ever did eat !!! I think it keeps giving me sugar rushes and I just keep whizzing on LOL !!!
Here's a few more picci's from CHA...
 Melissa Frances knows how to get you feeling all warm and cosy !!
 Well, what can I say.... PRIMA !!!
Barb, this one's for you !!!
 This was all hand stitched. Gorgeous !!
I love Doodlebugs simplicity

I'm really excited as it looks like we've got shipments arriving this week from CHA. How's that for service !!!!
Marion xx


Christine said...

Gorgeous projects there, good luck with a very busy QVC!

mhairi1 said...


You NEED to know this.

Tesco, Roneo corner, Romford usually stocks Poppycock popcorn with cashew nuts......I used to love it when I lived down, there. Miss it, but not nearly as much as miss Sugar and Spice

mhairi1 said...


You need to know this...

Tesco at Roneo Corner Romford sold Poppycock popcorn with cashew nuts, at least they did when I lived down there. Miss it, but not nearly as much as I miss my Sugar and Spice visits....