Saturday, 12 November 2011


Just been chatting to QVC, and I'm really happy to say I'll be back on your screens alongside the lovely Kirsty and Amy, on the following dates :-
there's plenty of other dates for your calendar, but I'm off to the States for 3 weeks in between these dates, and alongside crimbo and new year, it's going to be BUSY BUSY BUSY :) :)
Yay happy days !!!
I know it's been quiet of late on the old craft front, but it always is this time if year, QVC only have so many hours in the day and with so many other shows out there, i.e. christmas gift ideas, etc. craft graciously stepped aside (cause we're nice like that) !!! But..... We're coming back with a bang !!!
There's so many great shows planned for you, including some fantastic outlet days, you know you all love a bargain !!! And one in particular that I'm really excited about is a new..... Ooooh don't actually know if I'm allowed to say what it is yet.... But I can say, if your planning a wedding, or a celebration then you're going to want to tune in on 15th February. I may have said too much already... Uh oh... Holding my hand out for a smack LOL !!!
Just remember the saying...All good things come to those who wait... :) :)
Right must get ready for a fun day in the shop
Have a great weekend everyone
Marion xx