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Showing posts from July 2, 2008

We're in July......ALREADY ????

I know I've sid it before.....but where has the time gone??? I can't believe we're already in July, I'm off to CHA in a couple of weeks (I know, I know it's a chore, but someone has to do it) just feel sorry for me in 96 degree heat, no seriously, I don't like the heat!!! Still getting kits together for the upcoming classes, there's sooo many. Thought I'd give you sneeky peek (I love these sneeky peeks) of a few new papers just in they are so pretty and the Rusty pickle ones are just brilliant, had a class with them last night and the girls loved them.

Come and see them for yourself. I would recommend if you're on a stash diet to enter with your hands behind your back as they are rather tempting.
Nina is BACK from Glastonbury (ALLEGEDLY) she has been spotted, I'm sure we'll see her when she's caught up on all her sleep, I don't know these young-uns, and yay!! she had sunshine. Welcome banck Nina.