Tuesday, 19 June 2012


You'd forgotten a technique, you read a mag and it all comes flooding back.....That's why we tell people in the shop, one of the most important purchases you'll make is a GOOD magazine and if you're like me you'll keep it forever !!!
So this technique involved me getting out my trusty Scribble Flowers Stamp, it's out of production now, but I may just re-think that...I still LOVE it. Anyhoo's, all you do is turn the stamp over and ink up the solid side and stamp, then when you've done that in your choice of colours, turn the stamp back to the correct way and stamp onto the backgrounds....This works so well for this type of stamp. The leaves were from my "leaves" set, now there's a surprise!!! No they're not polka dot, but I wanted them to be so I just dotted with a pen. I loved making this card so much I made a few...
I know I was lazy, I should have changed the colours, I can see that now, but I'm pretty much addicted to blue's and greens at the mo. Anyway, I'm well chuffed with myself as I actually have cards ready to send.....All I need now is someone to send them to LOL !!!!
Marion xxx