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Showing posts from March 9, 2012


For the Celebrations Show on Monday at 2pm......If you're planning a wedding, engagement, anniversary party or just a good old knees up and want some inspo then tune in to QVC. Sandie, Caroline and myself have worked so hard to bring you some great ideas.
Don't worry if you're not planning a do, if you're a crafter you won't want to miss this show as there are some gorgeous products...the bling...oh the bling, this is going to fly, I just know it, and if it doesn't then I'll just take them ALL home ...MWAHHHHH !!!
I've got a set of three of my new stamp designs premiering, I feel like I've been waiting for these forever :) :), there's ribbon sliders, and ribbons (of course) where would the sliders be without the ribbons LOL !!!
So here's a few sneaks, got to apologise for the ribbon looking a bit tatty on one of them, I hadn't trimmed it up. #holds hand out for a smack !!! Shame on me....just keeping it real !!!

Marion xx