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I've been having a little chat with a few of you guys lately, and have been informed that whilst you read this blog you don't use Facebook. So, after I picked my chin up off the floor and brushed myself down, I realised that you're  missing out :( :( 
I just assumed most people that use the internet use Facebook, silly of me, I know....I also realise I probably use it far too much LOL !! 
So, without further ado, here's a little video I shared (on Facebook) last week....

For those of you that do other Social Media sites, did you know we're on Pinterest, Twitter, You Tube (obvs) !!! and Instagram....I loves me a bit of Instagram....go check it out, 'Sugarandspice' it's such a quick and simple way of keeping  up to date with all that's going on.
I Hope you're all enjoying this gorgeous weather, we're busy in the shop, still loading all the NEW yummies on the website, you can check some of them out HERE, we've also been hard at work designing a…