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It started with a shoe.........

OK you are probably wondering where this is going, right?!
Well it really did start with a shoe. I brought these yummy shoes last summer and was immediately inspired by the yummy inner sole.

It was cork but looked like it had been stamped on!! My mind was in a mad creative flow.

So when Marion got some thin cork sheets in the shop some while ago I knew I had to have a go myself.
So I created this layout which is about our trip in February to NEC Birmingham for a trade show, with my fab Scribble Flowers stamps. Stamping onto the cork, I then carefully cut the flowers out. Now the cork is quite delicate so you have to be careful not to tear it when cutting. I finished it off with some bling in the middle .

Now the words on this set of stamps are attached to the flowers but I wanted to use them separately so I just carefully cut them off . Then on one acrylic block I placed the 2 words 'happy' and 'smile' just so I knew they were lined up perfectly.

So what everyday item in y…