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It was our last full day today, the sun was shinning bright so we went .............. to the cinema!!!
We saw Journey to the Centre of the Earth, I'm assuming it was meant to be tounge in cheek, as it was sooooo far fetched it was UNBELIEVABLE.
Then we went........Shopping, this time to the WOODFIELD MALL, but apart from some shoes for Ricky, I much preferred the WESTFIELD MALL, had a lovely lunch in Ruby Tuesday's. I don't think I could dare ask Rick to take me to another shopping mall, I do believe he's all shopped out, he's been an absolute DIAMOND driving me all over the place and I really mean ALL OVER THE PLACE.
So we're about to start packing getting ready for our journey back tomorrow, and then it will all be over and I'll be in the shop on Sunday. It seems like ages ago that I was at the show, I've already had confirmation that one company has shipped out. Boy that was quick!!!
Thanks for sharing with me and see you all soon. xxx

Summer love....

I know I haven't blogged on here before but everytime I have gone to Blog I have had blogfright!! So here goes........
Last night I taught the lovely Tuesday night ladies
They made a star book and started the I shrink plastic club! They now have a 4 week break so I just wanted to say have a super summer.
Also I am so excited hearing some of the goodies Marion has got for all of us lucky girls! Cant wait to have her back, the place is not the same without her.

loves & bugs
Nina x


It started off really sunny and then just as we were about to go out the door it became overcast, made our way to downtown Chicago and went to NAVY PIER. We were recommended to take the architectual tour or as I would call it the boredom tour, basically it's a boat ride that takes you through a part of the city looking at the buildings, ZZzzzz, ZZzzzz oops sorry I must having dropped off again, BUT it was a good excuse to sit and close my eyes and have a breeze blow on me, By the way by this time the sun has come out in FULL. Check out this piccy, you can even tell the necklace I was wearing, needless to say I'll be putting sun lotion on today.
We then went on to see Soldier Field the home of the CHICAGO BEARS (very impressive) and then to Wrigley Field the home of the CHICAGO CUBS (in case there's any men reading this)
Back homewards bounds (hotel) and to do a bit more shopping, Jane if you're reading this, I think I got you mag today. then obviously we needed some food,…


Well when I looked out of the window it looked a bit overcast and drizzly, so I convinced Ricky that we REALLY should go SHOPPING.

So off we went to Gurnee Mills, THANKS (VICKY, CAPTURE THE MAGIC) got some bits, bobs and bargains there, oh and had some JAMBA JUICE, also recommnded by Vicky.

From there we went to Michaels ( a bit like Hobby Craft) a SUPER TARGET and........ a HOBBY LOBBY. in all the years I've been coming to the US and all the States I've visited, approx 14 I've never found a HOBBY LOBBY, so I was well chuffed. again, thanks Vicky.
So we park the car and get a photo (see below) I have to hold myself back from running for two reasons really, one this body was not designed to run and two I needed to keep a bit of dignity if only for Ricky's sake. Get to the door and..... NO it wasn't closed, I know of you were thinking that ! BUT we only had 30 minutes before it did close !!!!! Managed to get a book for MAGGIE and not much else really, but HEY HO at leas…

Not long now....

....until normality returns to the shop and you get the fabby Marion back!

On Sunday I ran my first of two full classes... I hope you all enjoyed them ;) I cannot wait to see the different LO ideas Jayne comes up with! And to see them all with piccies in too. Thank you for being such wonderful ladies and bearing with my mad moments of panic as we sped through two classes full of stitching, cutting and ribbon. I think everyones jacobs ladders worked, didn't they??

I think we have spaces for Saturday still for Nina's two beautiful LO's 'All torn up' and 'Nature's Beauty'... I just need the pens for the cricut now! They are up in the shop so pop in and have a peek, see if you fancy them.



Me again.... we'll it was the last day today, there were still bits I didn't get to see, sorry Fabby I didn't get time to see the BRAD MAKING MACHINE, don't worry I've just slapped my hand.....
It's been a brilliant show, we've got some really EXCITING stash on it's way, some things we'll have to wait a little longer for......aaawwww...... I know me too !!!
Now what did we get today???? let me see... first there's LITTLE YELLOW BICYCLE, CREATIVE ACRYLICS, APPLE PIE (SOMETHING) i can't remember the full name, SORRY but I'm tired... Some rather gorgeous buttons, great new ALBUMS, the cutest new BRADS & EYELETS (hey NINA, strawberrys, cherries and watermelon ones) and wait for it .......... CUPCAKES, yes cupcake brads they are just yummy.
There was lots of HALLOWEEN AND CHRISTMAS obviously.
So here's a few designs and displays

We've got some fantastic little acrylic pieces coming. Check out this little design, it's so cute..

WOW !!! WHAT A DAY......

Had a great day today getting some rather LUSH goodies for you lucky scrappers out there.

Making their way to Sugar and Spice are designs from Heidi Grace, Cloud 9, Hambley Screen Prints, Kaiser (this one's a biggie), Dream Street & Scrap Within Reach, to name a few.......

We've got papers, papers and just few more papers, chipboard, glitter paints, epoxy quotes, clear stamps, ribbons, ribbons and more ribbons, oh and a few more ribbons, brads...... oh I could go on and on and on, but I won't bore you.

Now we need space to put all these yummy goodies, so go on get yourself down to Sugar and Spice and help us clear some space, we're giving double loyalty points on all paper/cardstock purchases, not available with any other offer. To receive this offer you MUST mention that you read it in the BLOG. Available until 5pm on Sunday 27th July 2008.

Now here's a few sneak peaks

and some more.....

and some more .....

and some more......

Just thought I'd share this with you.…

A few little piccy's for you

Hi all,

Well we're back at the hotel (via ARCHIVERS, well I had too didn't I ?), back, legs, knees and feet are ACHING!!!!!
But as promised I've a few little pics for you. Can you believe the one of Ricky, I actually caught him stroking some rather lush flock papers, so now it's official HE'S A STROKER.......... Seen some really lovely stuff, have ordered some rather gorgeous ribbons and am now going to go through and get the orders ready for tomorrow.
ENJOY !!!!

I'll tease you with just these for now, but tomorrow they'll be MORE....... xxx


Hi all,

well we're here in sunny Chicago at 6pm this evening (that's midnight our time) it was 86 degrees. phew....

Trying our best to stay awake to start the show all fresh tomorrow (lots and lots and lots of walking to do) Hey Nina I've got my Croc's, even though I do look awful in them.

Just thought I'd show you my first piccy, it's of my bed in the hotel, all puffed up and ready for me, although I've got to fight the jet lag, with a lovely little pillow in front saying "sweet dreams" such a nice touch. Ricky's got one as well, yes we've got a bed each, oh it's like being single again.

Anyway, hope everyone is well, off to eat now and sleep later, will keep you posted of all the new yummies.

Check out my Slide Show!

THE Pyjama Crop

OK here they are ...... the piccy's from last nights Pyjama Crop.

What a great night we had.

Thanks to Lisa and Loretta for the great music (hey girls it's still playing now) !!!!

Thanks to everyone who popped on their PJ's. I think you'll agree that it was an excellent night AND you managed to get work done. A pat on the back for you all.

Lastly, another WELL DONE for the challenge, you ALL done so well and CONGRATULATIONS to Claire on winning!!!!!!


Well, getting ready for the BIG Pyjama CROP tonight. Just had my fur sewn on my bra..... oh la la !!!

Really looking forward to it. Lisa we're going to miss you BUT we'll be thinking of you xxx

Managed to upload a few more piccy's of the up coming CLASSES, take a peek.

Must go as the girls will think I'm skiving.

Will post piccy's soon .........


Things have been a bit busy in the shop this last week.

Well those of you lucky enough to have got hold of the Imaginisce give yourself a pat on the back, the bad news is we've sold out ALREADY of some bits, the good news is we still have SOME left, the papers are just SUPER!!!

This week has seen the arrival (although I haven't got it out on the racks yet), of the NEW CHATTER BOX ARTSY.LICIOUS Papers and ribbons, they are truly to die for. Hey Nina, I don't know where I'm going to put it all LOL !!!

AND..... the long awaited Cuttlebug border embossing folders, they are yummy.

We've also got some fantastic My Minds Eye paper pads containing 180 sheets of their gorgeous designs for only......wait for it..... £11.99 this is truly a very special offer. So get in quick before it's too late.

There's also other yummy bits and pieces in but, my chinese has just arrived and I'm starving !!!!!

See you soon.

P.S. Don't forget your Pyjamas girls.


It's Saturday morning, I'm just about ready to start my class, BUT before I do I had to show you these gorgeous New (well I say new with tongue in cheek, as I've been waiting for ages for these to arrive) papers and embellies from Imaginisce. They're double sided cardstock and one side has glitter, YAY ! GLITTER !!! They are simply stunning and perfect for boy and girl big or little.

Let me know what you think ????

We're in July......ALREADY ????

I know I've sid it before.....but where has the time gone??? I can't believe we're already in July, I'm off to CHA in a couple of weeks (I know, I know it's a chore, but someone has to do it) just feel sorry for me in 96 degree heat, no seriously, I don't like the heat!!! Still getting kits together for the upcoming classes, there's sooo many. Thought I'd give you sneeky peek (I love these sneeky peeks) of a few new papers just in they are so pretty and the Rusty pickle ones are just brilliant, had a class with them last night and the girls loved them.

Come and see them for yourself. I would recommend if you're on a stash diet to enter with your hands behind your back as they are rather tempting.
Nina is BACK from Glastonbury (ALLEGEDLY) she has been spotted, I'm sure we'll see her when she's caught up on all her sleep, I don't know these young-uns, and yay!! she had sunshine. Welcome banck Nina.