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Showing posts from July 17, 2012


Yesterday was all about the set up. Lots and lots of work and just when you think "we're never going to finish" it all comes together and you take step back and think WOW !!!
Tania done an amazing job on the US and UK flags, made entirely out of embossing powder tiles... Of course !!
Suzy's class was fab and everyone got to take home a heap of goodies.
It was a really long day and we didn't get to eat till 10pm. So no picci.. But trust me, it was a delicious sirloin steak with green beans and garlic mash.... Nom nom !!
Today I'm working in the booth doing make and takes, so Ricky is the official buyer for Sugar and Spice Crafts today :) :)
Hopefully i'll post some pics of the show tomorrow.
Marion xxx