Wednesday, 26 October 2011


So excited..... the October Trends Books have just come in....

We've had to up the delivery amount due to all you clever ones that subscribe, at least you know you'll not miss an issue.
If you want to subscribe, then just click HERE and don't miss out !!
Seriously... these are the best books on the market.
Marion xx
P.S. Thanks so much for all your lovely e mails and FB comments about yesterday's show, it really meant a lot :) :) :) 

Monday, 24 October 2011


Tomorrow (25th October, sometimes this posts late) !!! is the first of the NEW Creative Keepsakes Shows on QVC, and to say I'm nervous AND excited is an understatement !!!
So much thought has gone into this show and the products in it (all hand picked by myself and Sarah, one of the lovely buyers)
It's aimed at Scrapbookers, beginners and advanced, let's face it if we scrap, we like to see anything associated LOL but we're also going to concentrate on Card makers and mini album enthusiasts... didn't want to leave you guys out !! So to get your mojo going I've done a little video tutorial HERE
Then, next month Amy's doing one on the 25th November (I think that's the right date) So we hope we can encourage and inspire you and we would love your feedback.
I sent a newsletter out today to all out newsletter subscribers, I know I know, about time !!! but in usual fashion I completely forgot a very important message... so here goes....
As from 1ST NOVEMBER until 31ST MARCH we will be closing the shop at 4PM instead of 5PM, EXCEPTING SATURDAYS where we will stay open till 5PM, this is to aid my lovely mum, who helps me no end, and she doesn't like going home in the dark !!! and seeing as I'm away for 3 weeks in January and she'll be holding the fort it's the least I can do !! Apologies for any inconvenience
I have been teasing a bit lately, as we've had some rather yummy stash delivered, and I've now managed to get a little bit of it on the website... CHECK IT OUT HERE, but seriously there's loads more in the shop, including the NEW Making Memories Scorer/Trimmer... This is soooooo cool!!!
There's probably loads of other things I want to say, but my brains elsewhere this evening... SORRY !!!
Anyhoo's I will again, try and get picci's to post of all the show samples.
Marion xx

Wednesday, 19 October 2011


All this month Nina's been doing her book of the month class on a bucket list.... and it got me thinking :) :)
I've never been to Harrods... so after my show on Tuesday I got whisked off by the lovely Kirsty Wiseman and Rubina Latif to Knightsbridge and we decended on Harrods, first off we went in the Laduree's entrance....OMG... what an amazing place, they sell the most expensive macaroons, but it was worth it (thanks Kirsty) just to take in the decor. WOW !!! It was requested that no photos were to be taken, obviously I respected that, but we did get a couple of snapshots outside...

The inside of Harrods was rather lush... I had to go in the Christmas Shop... well it's a must isn't it !!!! and it was there that I bought my lovely mum a pressie (she loves crimbo) !!!

And so do these girls.... While I was there I met a guy (shhhh ... don't tell Rick)
He was a bit stiff though !!!
Then we came back down to the ground floor and found LOLA'S CUPCAKES ....
They did allow us to take picci's.... Therefore we felt completely obliged to buy some and oh boy they were YUMMY... expensive but YUMMY !! GO LOLA !!!!!
On the way back to the car, I fell in love with the houses... just look at all these trees... so neat.
One of the houses was being refurbed, so we asked the builders if we could have a look (well if you don't ask you don't get) as I poked my head in I mentioned that I thought the lounge was a bit on the small side, for a house that big, it was only about 22 x 11, then they pointed out that it was actually the entrance hall LOL !!!
On that note we got back in the car and went back to Q Towers where I shot a video showing you how to make a really quick simple layout, all in the run up to the BRAND NEW CREATIVE KEEPSAKES
show on Tuesday 25th October at 2pm.... I can't wait, I'm excited and nervous all at the same time. Hope you can join me. Keep checking out the QVC blog to see when it's been uploaded.
Anyhoo's must get on with some work, enjoy your week
Marion xx

Wednesday, 5 October 2011


Here we go, picci's of yesterdays cards from the 2pm show, just click on the photo to see it in larger form... enjoy !!!!

Marion xx