Wednesday, 15 February 2012


Well..... how chuffed was I to be asked to join the brand new FANTASTIC RIBBONS Design Team....well let me tell you I was very chuffed LOL !!!
Those of you that know me well, know that two of my passions are Ribbons and Buttons (you only have to enter my shop to see that), so when I opened my box of gorgeous ribbon lushness I was sooooo excited to see buttons as well as all the yummy ribbons - buttons, you can ink them, stamp on them, glitter them, emboss them, just about do anything to them - love it!!!
For my first project I was asked to make a hair accessory, I went straight into panic mode as I don't have any girls, therefore I have no Alice Bands etc, unless my boys hide them in their drawers !! BUT... I did find a Kirby Grip - I think it's one of the girlfriends ... Shhhh !!
So I decided to make a scrummy big lush flower from the wired ribbon (another reason to love wired ribbon)  and what's better than wearing a big lush flower in your hair, receiving it on a card first !!! Right !!!
So thats exactly what I did, I used the wired that was pulled to act as a thread and "sewed" the flower to the Kirby Grip then attached the Grip to the bow on the card.
 Not teaching you to suck eggs here, but for those of you that may not know - pull one wire completely out, then on the other side fold one end over a little bit so that when you start pulling the wire from the other end it doesn't pull out - and pull, gathering as you go.
 When it's all pulled up just turn it in on itself, then I kept the wire attached and "sewed" the Kirby Grip on with it....No you are not drunk, it's just a terrible shot !!
Then having made the card, I just attached the flower with the Kirby Grip onto the ribbon bow (in fact if you look really closely you can see it poking out the top) hee hee !!
So there you go a card and gift all in one !!
NOW - back to buttons - who would like to WIN some yummy scrummy buttons ? you would ?, of course you would, so what have you got to do ? It's simple, just leave a comment on this blog and one name will be picked at random, now, don't think "awww is that it" NO, just go onto the FANTASTIC RIBBONS BLOG, check out all the other design team members blogs, leave a comment with them and then you multiply your chances of winning, couldn't be simpler !!!

Seriously .... how could you resist !!!! In any case you need to go look at all their creations they are amazing (don't know how I got on here actually) LOL !!
Marion xx