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.....only tears.....BOO HOO, we're coming home, BUT the GOOD NEWS is our flight is delayed 3 hours so we've got 3 more hours of sunshine to soak up before we get back to wet and dreary ENGLAND. THANKS SOOOOO MUCH AMANDA, the fact that our flight is delayed and we haven't had to vacate (oh that sounds so American) the house at 11 am has been a god send.
We've had THE MOST FUN and some fantastic FOOD and some rather nice CHEESECAKES as well.
Jamie and Nicky left a day before us and I can only assume that they are home safe and sound as, I suppose, with most 18 year olds they forget to let you know!!! Don't worry Jay I'm only your mother!!!!
We managed to pack in the parks all last week, good really as the schools were off this week and they became really busy, got quite a bit of shopping done and have relaxed for the last few days, so now I feel really chilled out.
See you all soon in CHILLY ENGLAND. Love to all xx


.....Till we have to return home.....BUT we will come back with so many great memories, we've had such a brilliant time and whilst I have missed all of you, I haven't missed the stress of work, this has been a complete chill out!!! THANK YOU to all you girls holding the shop together and doing such a great job and SPECIAL THANKS to my MUM, she's a real star!!!!! Ricky celebrated his 44th birthday out here so we went to the CHEESECAKE FACTORY (god we love that place)!!! and they all sang happy birthday to him What is it with 18 year old boys that they have to pull a funny face!!!

All the boys went SHOOTING the other day, I've already done that in Las Vegas, I'm quite a dab hand with an OUZI !!! they all decided to fire revolvers and were pretty damn good, Luke rather liked the look of the MAGNUM although I don't think Nicky was too impressed.
We're off to relax at Aquatica today, sorry not meaning to rub it in but it is lovely out here and we may as well make th…


I'm not rubbing it in but we are having a GREAT time.
The boys went golf the other day so the girls went....... SHOPPING, of course and then we had a pedicure
We went to the mall at Millenia, let me tell you it puts Lakeside in the shade, it's one of the nicest Malls, very POSH. Took a piccy of the christmas tree with some of us standing under it, just so you can get an idea of the size.....It's MASSIVE We've also popped into Celebration, this is such a lovely little town, Desperate Housewifes rings a bell, very Wisteria Lane
Hey what's going on with the website, we've never had so many orders in such a short space of time!!!! Thanks GIRLS for all your help!!! Sorry I didn't leave enough envelopes ect. It's good to know you're loving our stock, THANK YOU!!! There's been some exciting deliveries while I've been away, so I'm looking forward to seeing it all and saying "oh yes I remember ordering that now" and getting it on the website. …


Well it's been a few days since the last blog, that's because we've been BUSY!!!!
We went to the new water park AQUATICA, it's really lovely, it looks like they've bought in loads sand from the early learning centre, it was lovely, the rides were great.
OOPS I DID IT AGAIN..... got burnt that is, but this time i forgot to take a photo and it's not so bad now.
Jamie and Nicky joined us on Sunday, they've been to Disney and Universal and whizzing round the parks as there are just no queues. WONDERFUL !!!
We went to Seaworld on Monday, again no queues!! Sorry forgot my camera again.
We're off to Macy's today as they've got a big SALE on, so we'll see what's on offer then I think we're off to GATORLAND (very touristy) and then maybe the CHEESECAKE FACTORY, well I bliming hope so anyway.
Right off to have my morning bagel now and cup of English tea (we bought out PG Tips)


Hi all
Well we made it, after a rather noisy (screaming kids) and smelly (pooey kids) flight we got here and WOW how lovely is this house
We've stayed in a few houses in Florida and this is by far the best, it's absolutely amazing and soooo large I WANT ONE !!!!! We got a tip off by Amanda (the lucky girl who's mum and dad own this) to grab the downstairs bedroom, there's 5 in total, and well, the bed is soooooo big I haven't seen Ricky at night for three nights now!!! The whole place is stunningly furnished the kitchen is ginormous and there's absolutely everything that you could need. I also want a top loader washing machine and a much bigger kitchen with central island, that's not tooooo much to ask, is it? I would certainly recommend this house, it's also really conveniently located for all the attractions just contact amanda on and treat yourself. We went to Universal Islands of Adventure on Friday and I got coerced in…


OK, so what is this exfoliating thingy ???? I thought I'd had a real good scrub, in fact I didn't think I'd have much skin left after all that scrubbing....... and still it wasn't good enough
What is it about going on holiday with a size 8 rather gorgeous, rather tanned young beauty that makes you soooo vain !!!! Hopefully she'll eat LOADS of burgers and fries out there and will have to ask to borrow some of my clothes. xxx


Just wanted to share this with you.....
Yummy Spiral Bound books, Sparkly letters and rather gorgeous glittered snowflake die cut 12" x 12" cardstock.......soooo strokeable These are just a few of the new goodies we've just received.

November kits...

As you may have noticed, the November kit is up and on the shop webby just here... It is the brightest kit full of texture and scrappy goodness for you to enjoy...

There is a huge array of products in this kit... I gurantee it will get your mojo flowing :)

And an early happy birthday to Barbie who is celebrating tomorrow ;) ~Happy Birthday~