Thursday, 1 January 2009


Helen and Mark "popped" in to see us at the shop on Tuesday and although they may have wished they hadn't......I'm so glad they did. Let the organisation begin!!!! Helen's like a whirling dervish, she get things done at super speed and Mark and Ricky completely took apart 5, yes 5, paper stands and re-assembled them, this time the right way round, the instructions must have been upside down last time. Unsurprisingly Helen left with a headache, so i hope you're better and thank you, thank you, thank you xxxx
HAPPY NEW YEAR TO ALL, whilst there's lots of doom and gloom around let's all think positive and maybe just maybe good things will start to happen, hey they can't get any worse!!!
What is it with 15 year olds that think they can hold their drink???? if it's not bad enough that they are profusely sick, they are profusely sick on your best friends lovely CREAM carpet!!! So I've been up most of the night checking on him and making sure he doesn't sleep on his back....Oh the joys of motherhood.
Back into the shop today doing more finishing touches. I felt like crying when Adrienne walked in and said it didn't look any different and I think Ricky was going to shoot her with his nail gun, but actually it's a compliment, we hadn't set out for it to look really different, we have our own signature look that we're really proud of, but we have achieved more room and a better set out classroom, which was our main aim, don't worry Adrienne's in helping today and boy am I going to make her work hard LOL!!!